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Solar for Industries


Grid Connected through NET / Gross Metering

The power consumption levels have gone up over the years because of increasing usage in the commercial areas. Adding to this, the frequent power cuts affect the productivity of organizations and the electricity bills also shoot up beyond estimated budgets because of the use of backup like generators and other external local grid system. SESPL shall provide EPC based turn-key solutions for Solar PV which is a smart way to reduce the power costs and also helps businesses produce their own power. We have specialized Solar EPC modules and have created intelligent Roof-Top PV systems starting from 5kWp to 500kWp capacity that can be useful for customer’s captive purpose and also can be exported back to the grid through Gross/Net-Metering.


Salient Features of SRTPV System

  • High Efficiency PV Modules & PCU’s.
  • Manufacturers & Suppliers follow MNRE, IEC, & other International Stds.
  • We Provide 10 years product warranty & 15 years performance warranty.
  • Data Monitoring systems provide continuous performance Evaluation of the system.


What Benefits the Consumer.?

  • Yeild stable monthly income
  • Generate your own Electricity & be independent
  • Feed-in-tariffs guarantees fixed price paid per kwh with a PPA
  • ROI guaranteed & sustainable income up to 25 years
  • Easy Financing & Hassle free Documentation

SESPL Solar Rooftop PV Systems

We offer different Buidness models for Industries

SESPL Solar Rooftop PV systems offer seamless integration in line with the existing energy infrastructure (local grid, Diesel GenSet, other Hybrid Power plants), in order to expand the scope of the customer energy sources. During the cloudy, bad weather, lower irradiance, force majeure events on certain days when our solar system are operating below optimal capacity, we have techniques where power will be sourced from the other energy for uninterrupted supply of power to the business units.