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Solar for Homes

Holistic & Taylor-made approach for Solar Rooftop PV Systems

SESPL shall engage in tailor-made approach for integrating & implementing solar rooftop PV systems for generation of Electricity, both for self-consumption and Grid Export. Join us in mitigating GHG emissions & harvesting Green Energy by installing self-efficient systems.



SESPL provides holistic & tailored approach in designing & implementing smart solar PV systems of 1 kWp, which is adequate to drive consumer loads approximately for about six hours with provided battery bank, depending on solar installation on dormant rooftop. The solar energy is directly converted to electric energy by solar modules, which can be used immediately to drive consumer loads or stored in batteries for usage at the time of power cuts.



SESPL installs Rooftop Solar PV systems on dormant residence rooftop which generates electricity units, and can be exported to grid. The fixed feed-in-tariffs along with the power purchase agreements PPA with Electricity supply board will generate stable revenue for the customers.